Posted by Cathy K on Nov 19, 2018

November 2018                                               Rotary Training Talk

Training Rotary leaders around the world

The Practice Lab: Hands-on training with Rotary’s online tools
Our training usually includes a section for people to try what they’ve learned. What’s the best way to get hands-on experience with Rotary’s online tools?

The Practice Lab can help you train members in areas such as:
  • My Rotary and online profiles
  • Club and district administration tasks
  • Rotary Club Central
  • Membership leads
  • Delegating your level of My Rotary access to others
  • Rotary Showcase
  • Discussion Groups
  • Viewing club invoices
It’s a replica of My Rotary that uses simulated data, so you can explore and test these tools with no risk of posting publicly or changing a record. Just request a Practice Lab account. Accounts are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis and expire after about three months.

If you have questions about using the Practice Lab for training, contact
Training Tip
Searching for topics in the Learning Center

How do you find a specific topic or course in the Learning Center?

The new Learning Center can perform more sophisticated searches to help you explore all the resources on your topic. It looks for course and document titles but also can detect the content in videos and documents to return more robust results. See the example above. Try the improved search function and see what additional materials you find.

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