Posted by Cathy K on Feb 23, 2019
Congratulations to our Rotary 5010 team with PEs with District Gov Elect André Layral, Lt. Gov. Rosie Roppel, district Trainer Jo Kuchle, and RI Edina, annual giving!
The Fabulous Presidents -Elect at PETS under Gov-Elect Andre’. 
Certainly a vibrant group of leaders. D5010, where all the PE’s are above average leaders and the best looking Rotarians at PETS!
PETS in lights #rotarypnwpets — with Brittany Arthur, Mark Maloney and Mitty Chang.
PETS in lights #rotarypnwpets — with Brittany ArthurMark Maloney and Mitty Chang.
PETS – a time for introspective learning, contemplation, making connections and personal development.
Now these Rotaractors know how to pose for a picture! Go team go!#rotarypnwpets
A great surprise today when Rotary International President-Elect Mark Maloney dropped into our
D5010 President-Elect Training Seminar and spoke to our group for an extended period. A complete honor to our group!