Posted by Cathy K on Mar 07, 2019
TRF is now seeking up to 100 suitable candidates working in peace and conflict resolution for a fellowship in either a 2 years Master’s program, at six select universities, or for a 3 month certificate program (50 for the Master’s program and 50 for the certificate program). TRF pays the costs for selected applicants (so no cost to club or District).. NB.  Read below about  how to promote the program and our timelines  for applications to our District. We need to move now as timing is tight given application requirements. Thanks to those of you who are on it!   And sorry, Rotarians and immediate family are not eligible
Use your networks to encourage candidates with requisite experience and commitment to consider this opportunity. Why?  This is one way we can help a few individuals contribute to peacebuilding in our world. Our District contributes $ 25,000 DDF each year to Rotary Peace Centers (that makes us a Peacebuilder District) and we also generously contribute annually to TRF.  You could be the club that sponsor’s a capable candidate. 
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Join us in promoting the 2020 Rotary Peace Fellowship!
The 2020 Rotary Peace Fellowship application is now available. This fully funded fellowship provides peace and development leaders with the knowledge, skills, and networks they need to advance their peacebuilding careers. Help us publicize this incredible opportunity!

Here are some resources for promoting the program and recruiting candidates:Interested candidates must apply to their districts by 31 May. Districts need to submit endorsed applications to The Rotary Foundation by 1 July. Learn more about the district interview and endorsement process.
Please pass along the invitation to anyone you think might be interested or suitable. They can check out the Peace Fellowship program at the Rotary website and decide whether to apply.  And if they are not ready this year, encourage them to apply a next year.  And clubs please work with them on their application if you want them to succeed—be a mentor or resource.  NB They must submit an application found on the TRF website to our District by May 31, 2019. Clubs please send any/all applications to me by June 3d latest, otherwise they may miss out on being screened by our District Ctee. in early June.  And applications forwarded to me before end of May are welcome. Remember we want high calibre applicants as they will face tough competition at TRF. Feel free to contact me for further information.
Lois Craig, Interim Chair Peace Fellowships (