Happy New Year Rotarians!
Yeah I know, it is not January, but it is a new Rotary year for 5010 and the rest of the Rotary world!  It has been an honor and privilege to be Membership Chair for Governor Diane! She has been an awesome Rotary Governor! I would like to welcome Andre’ Layral, our 2019-20 District Governor! I have the honor and privilege to serve as his District Membership Chair. So let us work together to make Rotary grow! We can do this!
The prospects of a new year are pretty exciting, but with the new year, our clubs purge their books. Unfortunately, some Rotarians choose to leave. I am of the opinion that Rotarians should never leave Rotary, but what do you do? First year Rotarians are a high percentage of those that do not renew. Make sure you engage new Rotarians. Take the time to get to know them, assign them tasks and committees, make them work. Make sure that they feel needed and wanted. It is all about inclusion! Rotarians get busy. I have a member who is suddenly raising two grand kids. There is no longer attendance requirements, I encouraged him to maintain his membership, come when you can, and when life gets less busy, well you are already still a member. Rotarians move/transfer out. A great solution for this is E-Club! They can stay active and maintain their membership and still be Rotarians. When they get to their new location, they can find a physical club, and/or stay with E-Club.
I attend the physical meeting of E-Club every year at District Conference. They are a dynamic and fun club, and get things done! They are 100% sustaining Paul Harris Fellows every year. I believe they are the only club in the District with this distinction. They have members all over the world! They meet on Saturday morning at 8:00am Alaska time https://zoom.us/j/8292205658
You can check out the website rotaryeClub5010.org
Every Rotarian, Every Month
This is my manta and it is a must to grow 5010. A task that is all of our missions, I challenge myself and all of 5010 to do this. Every month, invite at least one guest, and induct one of these guest into Rotary in this Rotary year. If we can do this, and keep all our current members, well you do the math. We could theoretically double our District in membership this year! This works really well! Do not forget to invite your guest speakers/presenters to join! I have inducted at least 6 of our speakers this last year! ASK, ASK, ASK, it really works!
Yours in Rotary
Lindsay Knight
District 5010 Membership Chair
907-539-298  lindsay@powerhousegym.com