Posted by Cathy K on Jan 15, 2019
February Rotary Membership Moment
Make meeting interesting! Make it  the talk of the town, so exciting that people are wanting to be part of your group!  Make meetings fun!!  How do people get to know about your meetings? Social Media!! We have a closed group Facebook page, in Kodiak, called, “Friends of Kodiak”! There are over 8000 members, which exceeds our town populations. Best way to get the word out about anything you want. Kodiak has 2 Rotary Clubs, Noon, on Tuesday, and Morning, on Wednesday! We always have the same program for each club, so I will post the speaker/program on Friends of Kodiak, before our meetings, and we will as often as not, have a guest come in that just wants to hear that speaker, or about the program. I may have the world record for guests at a meeting. A couple years ago, I had  Bill Kazmaier, who was the 3x Strongest Man in the World, come speak. He is a personal friend, he helps me with Special Olympics powerlifting. I had 12 guests show up for our morning meeting. These guests had no interest in Rotary, they were there to meet Bill. But do you know what? They had a great Rotary experience! Advertise your programs.
Do you have a member from your local newspaper? Radio Station? You should. Do you have a sharp internet person? Try to recruit one!
Utilize your members’ talents and skills!
As Membership Chair, relaxing the attendance rules was a big help. I immediately inducted a long time friend who has, ‘always wanted to be a Rotarian’, but could never meet the attendance requirement. This gentleman has a fish site, and is gone all summer. The down side is, members really don’t have to come to meetings any more. How do we fix this? Involve your members. I never miss church. Sometimes I don’t want to go, but I go anyway. Why? I am the front door greeter! If I am not  there, it is more apparent than if our Pastor is missing. Assign your members jobs, set up, tear down, greeter, Rotary Moment, classification talk, pledge, invocation, make up other jobs. If members have something they have to do, they will less apt to miss the meeting! They also feel needed and included and an important part of the team, which they are.
This is important Rotarians. It will take all of us to grow 5010, ask a guest at least once a month and of these guests, let us induct at least one of them in this Rotary year.
I sent a hand written Thank You card to each speaker, and I include, not only thank you, but an invitation to join one of our clubs!
Yours in Rotary
Lindsay Knight
District 5010 Membership Chair (907-539-7298)