District 5010's first online Polio Plus fund-raiser just went live and with 9X matching funds!  Check it out below and online at https://go.rotary5010gives.org/poliopin
Your $40 donation to The Rotary Foundation through our District's "Take Out Polio - I saved 600" pin sale ultimately becomes $360 in vaccine, enough to innoculate 600 children against Polio.  Rotarian Kathryn Beers stunning graphic below shows how.
Jump on, Take Out Polio!   Celebrate World Polio Day
Click on this link to get started now:    https://go.rotary5010gives.org/poliopin 
We're in the end game against Polio and winning.  Taking Out Polio is a winnable fight because, unlike Covid, Polio is exists only in humans, so a vaccination program can end Polio forever. Many of us remember when Polio was an dread every-summer epidemic across the world, including the US.  
Africa has just been declared Polio-free for the first time and wild Polio is now confined to a small area in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where even adversaries cooperate to facilitate innoculating children against Polio.
But end games can be lost through complacency, lack of resources, and failure to follow-through.  Ensuring Polio's final defeat currently requires monitoring 70 countries for three years to guard against any new outbreaks - that's an expensive and demanding task. 
As long as polio exists anywhere, it remains an ultimate threat everywhere.  It would be tragic to falter and lose this fight within sight of the finish line, to the detriment as well of our international reputation.
Your own club can use our new Eventgroove online fundraising platform for your fundraisers and projects.  Just contact us and we'll help you get started.  It's very versatile and can be used for nearly any sort of fund-raising activity. 
Jump on, Take Out Polio!  
Click on this link to get started now:    https://go.rotary5010gives.org/poliopin