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Themes for the Upcoming months            
  March is Water and Sanitation Month
  April is Child and Maternal Health Month
With the warming of the sun comes melting of snow and ice.  In North America, we are lucky to have enough water for our health, food and transportation.  In  many areas of the world the inhabitants are not so lucky. But the flip side of water is sanitation..  Our own Rotary of Fairbanks Club has spearheaded a global grant water project in Belize for several years now.  It also encompasses a sanitation project for a girls school so they can STAY in school - Good JOB!!  Here is another story about sanitation........

Jack Sim wants you to talk about toilets

By age 40, Jack Sim was a successful entrepreneur running 16 businesses. He had enough money to retire, so he started searching for a neglected cause to which he could devote his time and effort.

Realizing that people don’t want to talk about toilets, he set about making the humble commode into a media darling, founding the World Toilet Organization in 2001 and holding a special day every year to draw attention to sanitation. This year, the United Nations voted to make World Toilet Day, 19 November, an official UN observance.

Sim credits Rotary with helping him break the taboo around the subject. In October, his organization inducted Ron Denham, chair emeritus of the Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group, into its hall of fame. The honor recognizes the work Rotary and the action group have done to change behavior and improve sanitation.

“It is good to see Rotary being recognized for the impact we are having on people in the developing world,” Denham said. “But this award is a wake-up call as much as a recognition. No progress has been made toward the [UN’s] Millennium Development Goal of increasing access to safe sanitation. We as Rotary members must shift our focus from water to water and sanitation.”

There are many ways we can help in our own communities and the world.    
Thank you for all you do for Rotary!                                          
DG Diane 
N. Diane Fejes
District Governor 2018-19
District 5010 Alaska&Yukon
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