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RI Convention 2017:

Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Rotary Foundation!  Join us in Altanta Georgia from June 10-14, 2017.

Book now and get the Early Bird registration fee of $340 (increasing over time to the full rate of $490).  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

While you are registering for the Convention, register for your hotel.  Here are some recommendations of hotels near the Convention Center.  These will book quickly so register now - cancellation policy gives you until May 2017 in case you change your mind.

Hotel Recommendations:

Only 5 hotels remaining at this point. (July 14)

The best option for location and price is the Mariott Marquis at $205 per night and about a 20 minute walk.  It has a rating of 4/5 and ranks 41 on TripAdvisor.   Amenities include the Sear restaurant, High Velocity Sports Bar, Pulse (50' sail), and Sear Bar

The two low cost options are about 3 miles away from the Convention Center:

  • W Atlanta Midtown $189
  • Renaissance Atlanta Midtown  $194

Two closer  (around 2.5 miles) but more expensive hotels:

  • Four Seasons $266
  • Loews Atlanta  $236.80

As the Convention is Saturday, June 10 to Wednesday, June 14, consider arriving early (ie Thursday June 8) to enjoy the city first and leaving on Thursday June 15 or later.

Typically there is a District Get Together after the closing ceremony, so make sure you stay in town and are available on Wednesday, June 14.

Hotel booking is through Experient on the RI Convention website - here's the link:

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Rotary’s most prestigious and exclusive awards were presented to two District
5010 Rotarians a t the 2015 District Conference in Girdwood, Alaska on May 9th.

Jon Deisher

Jon Deisher, past president of Anchorage Rotary was distinguished with the Rotary Foundation’s International Service Award for a Polio Free World. This award goes to only 10 individuals throughout the world. This recognizes active personal service, including advocacy. 
Deisher grew up in the 50’s when polio was rampant.  To protect his children, Jon’s father moved his family to a remote homestead, where they primarily lived off the land.  As an adult, Jon has been a university professor, counselor, magician, juggler, artist, sculptor, and Sign Language Interpreter. 
As a Rotarian, he has led a half dozen delegations, which have included his three daughters, to India to immunize children during National Immunization Days, most recently in February of this year.  His groups have leveraged their knowledge and relationships to develop and execute water and sanitation projects in the areas they have visited.




PDG Bill Hopper

Past District Governor Bill Hopper received Rotary’s Service Above Self Award, which is conferred on only 150 Rotarians worldwide each year.  Hopper, a member of Anchorage Rotary, served as governor in 2009-10,spending three months traveling in Russia to visit clubs in that area as well as time in Alaska Yukon.  He has been instrumental in the development of youth exchange across the district, dean of the District Leadership Academy, and a Rotary volunteer to Eagle’s Nest Orphanage in
western Siberia. Outside of Rotary he has coached youth sports, and served on numerous boards.
Congratulations Bill and Jon.  Thanks for what you do!
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 That's right! 20% of those honored are Alaskans!

Senior Rotary leaders gathered Tuesday at the White House to honor  for their service projects,  attended by members of U.S. President Barack Obama's senior staff.

The Rotary members presented their projects, in the hopes of creating new inroads for government partnerships and support.

"This is recognition of the great work that they do but also serves as a great vehicle to inspire others to do similar kinds of things," said Rotary General Secretary John Hewko. "One of the things we're doing a better job of is sharing our story to the non-Rotary world."

The honorees were selected by Rotary senior leaders and endorsed by the White House from clubs around the U.S. but their projects touch lives across the globe.

Carolyn Jones, of Anchorage, Alaska, has served numerous times as a Rotary volunteer in Russia, three of them as a preschool teacher for developmentally delayed children in orphanages. During her presentation she lamented hearing about a child sold for a bottle of vodka, and vowed to use her honor as a stepping stone to save more lives.

Carol Butler, also from Anchorage, highlighted two projects. The first is a statewide suicide prevention plan. According to Butler, Alaska has the highest rate of suicide per capita in the nation. The public awareness plan educates Rotary members and Alaska residents to recognize the warning signs of someone in crisis. She also talked about her club's partnership with the , a collective of dentists, staff, and other volunteers who provide free dental services throughout the state.


"Dental care is a gateway to good health," says Butler. "There's an increasing problem nationwide with people seeking dental care in emergency rooms."

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John Germ selected as 2016-17 Rotary president


(Next time he attends our District Conference maybe we can get him on the zipline too!)

John F. Germ, a member of the Rotary Club of Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, and chair of the International PolioPlus Committee, is the selection of the Nominating Committee for President of RI in 2016-17. He will become the president-nominee on 1 October if there are no challenging candidates.

For Rotary to thrive, Germ says, members must face current and future challenges and opportunities with "passion, enthusiasm, perseverance, and above all, integrity."

"I envision Rotary boldly and creatively engaging the success of polio eradication, membership and identity issues, strengthening clubs, work with youth – our future lifeblood, and the creation of critical, strategic partnerships," says Germ. "The 2016-17 Rotary year offers a tremendous opportunity for Rotary International and the Foundation partnership unified and thriving, on all levels, via the six areas of focus."

Germ says no one should ever have to ask, "What is Rotary?"

"We will enhance Rotary's public image by successfully and enthusiastically marketing who we are, what amazing things we are doing, and incredibly, have done locally and globally," says Germ.

With the global economy still unpredictable, Germ says Rotary must make participation affordable and "also be unfailingly diligent in efforts to ensure we spend every dollar effectively and efficiently," he says.

In 1965, after four years in the U.S. Air Force, Germ, an engineer, joined Campbell and Associates Inc., an engineering consulting firm. He now serves as the company's board chair and chief executive officer.

He also serves on the boards of several organizations including the Public Education Foundation, Orange Grove Center Inc., and the Blood Assurance Inc. He is the founder and treasurer of the Chattanooga State Technical Community College Foundation and is president of the Tennessee Jaycee Foundation.

In 1970 he was recognized as Tennessee Young Man of the Year, Engineer of the Year, and Volunteer Fundraiser of the Year in 1992.

A Rotary member since 1976, Germ has served Rotary as vice president, director, Foundation trustee and vice chair, chair of Rotary's US$200 Million Challenge, and RI president's aide. He is a recipient of Rotary's Service Above Self Award and The Rotary Foundation's Citation for Meritorious Service and Distinguished Service Award. He and his wife, Judy, are members of the Arch Klumph Society.

"Rotary will adapt to a rapidly changing world by embracing innovation within the guidelines of our tradition and values," says Germ. "By aggressively embracing new technologies, social media, and new opportunities, individuals and businesses will see that Rotary helps promote a good civic and public image while adding credibility to their people."

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Posted by Loredana Di Cecco on Jan 16, 2010
"A View Forward" A Discussion Among District 5010's Leaders" will occur on February 5th and 6th, 2010 at the Captain Cook Hotel in Anchorage! This year's meeting will start at 10 am on Friday and conclude by 5pm on Saturday and will include lunch and dinner on Friday and lunch on Saturday. We really need your input!

Please plan to attend. Also, please complete the survey that was sent at the beginning of the week (the final day to complete it is Sunday). The link for the survey is below in
and in Russian:

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Posted on May 04, 2009
Please see linked "individual" and "elector" proxy forms in English and in Russian (MS Word documents for downloading). Click on story title to open story page, see links there...
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Posted by Clyde Boyer on Apr 05, 2009

Dear Rotarian:
I am writing on behalf of RI President D.K. Lee to spread awareness about the Rotary Fellowships program and its many benefits. Rotary Fellowships improve membership retention and expansion by providing ways for Rotarians, Rotarian spouses and Rotaractors from around the world who share an interest in a specific vocational or recreational activity to interact and enhance their Rotary experience. They are a fun and easy way to become involved in a global Rotary community. Membership in a Rotary Fellowship is generally inexpensive and easy to obtain. Some fellowships are actually free to join. Not only do Rotary Fellowships allow Rotarians to pursue their interest in a particular hobby or profession, but they also create opportunities for international friendships, fun gatherings at the RI Convention, and unique service projects.

Clyde Boyer, Rotary District 5010 Governor 2008-2009


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Posted by Lois Craig on Mar 28, 2009
Take a moment to scan the April RI world literacy newsletter—several good updates including one from our own district. You will also find the criteria for nomination for a district or zone literacy award. Last year 2 clubs got the District award and one the Zone award—this year we can do better! So get those nominations in by April 15th to me please. (I have emailed all club presidents the form for completion just before end of March) Also if you are interested in a computer literacy project read the newsletter and go to the RI website—great info there. Happy Easter,

Lois Craig, District 5010 Literacy Coordinator
The file link is accessible after you click on this story's headline, look on the left menu of the story-page.
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Posted by Greg Solomon on Feb 08, 2009
Over the past few weeks we have been involved in a high number of communications, precipitated when our Zone Website was no longer accessible using our domain name of
After several failed attempts to correct the problem, we have decided that it would be better for us to move on and begin creating the new website that will be shared with Zone 32, our paired Zone.
While Zone 32 will continue to use their website ( that they currently share with Zone 31, they have agreed to cojointly using our Zone ClubRunner website effective July 1, 2009. In preparation for that we are moving now to a new domain name, and now ask you to consider noting the website name change, as well as notifying all clubs in your districts, or any other Rotary entity (Rotarian Action Group for example) that may have a link to our current Zone 22(24) Website.

Please be advised that effective immediately the web address for zones 24 and 32 is:
This address will open the dedicated website for Zones 24 - 32. This site will be a work in progress, and it is intended to serve as the eventual principal communication and information portal for both zones. You are encouraged to use this URL in all publications and references whether electronic or print. We will keep you informed about the integration of databases from both zones.
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Posted by Greg Solomon on Jan 14, 2009
District 5010 Grants Update January 2009 Rotarians in District 5010, and in many cooperating countries are helping to protect the impoverished and those less fortunate. They are making people's lives better by empowering them to take responsibility for their own destinies.
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Posted on Apr 18, 2008
District 5010 has established an Easy Biz account with Alaska Airlines that will allow the District to acquire miles while you do! Any time you travel with Alaska Airlines, simply make your reservations through the Easy Biz program. You will receive the miles you qualify for and the District will receive mileage, as well.
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Posted by Gregory Solomon

Dear fellow Rotarians - Your generous donations supported an amazing event....the first Alaska Mission of Mercy project!  Thank you from....Carol, Vivienne, Laurie, Ross, Rick and Scott.

Check out the full page color ad that ran in the ADN, Sunday, April 19th.


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Posted by Alana Bergh
At the District Conference in Anchorage, May 16-18, Rotarians will vote on proposed changes to District 5010's policies.  To read those proposals, and discuss with your club members, visit the download section at right.
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