Hello Rotary Leaders!

As part of the ongoing effort to help clubs implement the Club Leadership Plan, District 5010 is launching the "Visioning" program this year. 

For those of you that have not yet heard about the Visioning process, it's a program created by PDG Steve Wilcox in District 5960 to help clubs with their planning process.  It's been successfully used by clubs throughout District 5960 and is starting to spread throughout the country.  The Visioning Process is a 3.5 hour structured session led by a facilitator team that is designed to help clubs with:


§         Goal setting

         - Long range (strategic)

         - Annual goals (operational and action plans)

§         Continuity in projects/decision making

§         Consensus in direction and decisions


In the menu on the left are several documents that will give you an idea as to how a Visioning Session works.


District Facilitator Team

The Facilitator Team is where you come in.  A Facilitator Team consists of 2-3 Rotarians that have had training/experience as a facilitator and are knowledgeable about Rotary and District 5010.  It's important that the visioning sessions be conducted by a Facilitator Team from outside of the general area of the club (if possible) to minimize any hometown bias or jealousies.  For instance, the team might include one or two facilitators from outside the area plus the Assistant DG or a Past DG.


Our goal is to train a group of Rotarians within the district that can serve on these Vision Facilitator Teams.  A number of clubs have already requested to be put on the calendar for a Visioning Session.  Once we've conducted our facilitator training, teams can be assigned to conduct the various sessions.  You would serve on a team as your schedule permits.  We expect most of the Visioning Sessions to take place in the fall but they could occur at any time during the year.  The Vision Facilitation Training Session will be presented by Cathy Smith, an experienced Vision Facilitator from District 5960, on September 19th (day 1) and she'll facilitate the first Visioning Session with a local club that we can watch the next day (day 2).  The sessions are 4 hours.  After that, we can start visioning in clubs throughout the district. 


     Vision Facilitation Training Session (Day 1)

Date:                      Friday, September 19th, 2008  

Time:                      1:00pm - 5:00pm

Location:                1st National Bank of Alaska

                              2nd Floor Conference Room

                              1751 Gamble St., Anchorage, AK



Visioning Session with a Local Club (Day 2)

Date:                      Saturday, September 20th, 2008         

Time:                      TBD ( ~ 10:00am - 2:00pm)

Location:                TBD (Anchorage area)



The District has set aside funds to help implement the Visioning Program.  However ---as always--- we are trying to minimize our costs.  For those of you that are not within driving distance, please let me know if you need the district to help you with your travel costs to attend the training in Anchorage.  We'll then be coordinating with the individual clubs to help cover the costs of the Facilitator Team to come to their Visioning Session with home hosting, frequent flyer miles, etc.

Please let me know by Friday, August 15th if a) you would like to be a part of the District Vision Facilitation Team, and b) if you can attend one or both days of the sessions in September.

I look forward to working with you all!


Kim O'Meara
District 5010 Vision Facilitation Coordinator
3811 West 72nd Court
Anchorage , AK  99502
Cell:  907-223-8385
Fax:  907-245-4599