The Rotary Foundation (TRF) supports the development of
Peace Fellows from around the world
What you need to know “in a nutshell”
  1. D5010 has a committee to help screen and support candidates
  2. Candidates can work towards a Master’s degree (15-24 months/average award $75 K) or a Professional certificate (1 year/average award $11K) in designated locations
  3. Study would begin in 2022
  4. Most expenses are paid by TRF including tuition & fees, room & board, RT transportation and any internship/field study expenses.
  5. The district gets very few candidates for this wonderful opportunity! Word of mouth has been the best source for recommendations. We NEED your referrals.
  6. Rotarians and family members are not eligible.
  7. The district has a direct benefit when people come back to do their work here.
  8. The best process is to take the eligibility quiz on line through Rotary, then contact a local club or the district committee before applying with RI.  Since this is highly competitive, the local committee can help strengthen candidate applications before they are submitted.
  9. Deadline to apply within the district is April 20, 2021
For more information contact any Committee Member:
  • Lori Draper (Seward)
  • Lois Craig (E-Club)
  • David Wartinbee (Soldotna)
  • Andre Layral  PDG (Fairbanks Sunrisers)
Chair: Patty Meritt (College)  (907) 474-0841