The role of the District 5010 Visioning Committee is designed to help a Rotary club create its own vision and identify the steps necessary to achieve that vision. The result is unique to each club because it is a vision designed and endorsed by the club’s own members.

Visit the Visioning page for information and documents.


Committee Members                                                          

Kim Erickson - Co-Chair - Susitna (
Adam Sikorski - Anchorage East
Brenda Sheldon -  Plamer
Hans Niedig - Anchorage
Lori Draper - Seward
Lisa Phillips - Wasilla
Mike Ferris -  Anchorage South
Michael Jeffery - Barrow Nuvuk
Patty Meritt - College
Scott Sietz -  Kenai
Bill Wright, ex officio - Fairbanks
Jess Gutzwiler, ex officio - Anchorage South 
Joesph Kashi, ex officio - Soldotna 
Mike Bridges, ex officio - Anchorage Hillside
Matthew Pyhala, ex officio - Soldotna 
Rosie Roppel, ex officio- Ketchikan First City 
Sharon Bergman, ex officio- Sitka