The Nominating Committee for District Governor seeks out and reviews applications for the position of District Governor Nominee Designate (DGND -the DG position following the current District Governor Nominee) and consists of nine members, three of whom shall be members-at-large and five of whom shall be regional members and at least three shall be Past District Governors. The Chairperson shall be a Past District Governor and one of the members-at-large appointed by the District Governor for a one-year term. The clubs may select one qualified member to support in an application and qualified applicants may also self-nominate.

The nominating committee asks that your club consider which of your Past Presidents would be a great leader as District Governor for our District.
If they feel they can make this commitment, we encourage your club to nominate them for this important office. An informational mailing will go out to all Presidents and Secretaries in July with reminders in August of each year.  Final interviews and selection will be completed no later than December 15. 

Contact the Chair for more details. 


Committee Members

Cheryl Metiva -  District Governor – Susitna
Joe Kashi – At large/immediate PDG – Soldotna
Brad Gamble – At large/South Central 1 - Susitna – PDG
Jack Timm – South Central II – Susitna
Jo Kuchle – Interior – Fairbanks
Jamie Letterman – Southeast – Innovators 58
Maynard Gross – Peninsula – Homer PDG
TBA - Rotaract (advisory)