College Rotary Reaches Out to Rural Kenyans

The Rotary Club of Ololulunga was formed in 2020 in Maasai country, and very soon began planning for a project to bring potable water to villages in their area.  That has proved difficult so far, but Fairbanks Rotarians are pledged to help, and a District-wide committee has been appointed. 
Meantime, we learned that the Maasai people were very short of food, due to plagues, droughts, and now the loss of tourism jobs. College Rotary began collecting food money for the Ololulunga Rotary to buy wholesale staples (rice, beans, flour, etc.) to distribute to the families who were hungry, and other District 5010 clubs and individuals also contributed.   
So far over $19,000 has been sent over 16 months.  This has bought at least 1500 bags of food, each feeding a household of 6 for a week.