District 5010 Foundation Update 2022-23
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Shelter Box Report 2022-23
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Rotary Club of Anchorage Gateway
Click on logo to read a summary of the 2022-23 Projects undertaken by the Rotary Club of Anchorage Gateway (“Gateway”).
Russian Jack Rotary Club Update 2022-2023


Click on image to view Russian Jack Rotary Club Highlights and Service Activities from the 2022-2023 year ending June 2023. 

Anchorage Rotary – Projects 2022-23
Anchorage Rotary’s primary Club Project was the Afghanistan Refuge Entrepreneur Project (AREP). Click on image to read more.
District Governors Corner
DG Mike Ferris - a final word!
The definition of the word Nudge is a small intervention that impacts behavior, a small subtle action to make positive choices.  A few years ago, 46 to be exact, Coach Floyd gave me a nudge that impacted my life and was one of the influential people who made me who I am today.  My hope is that this last year, I have shown it is possible to IMAGINE ROTARY to fit the needs of the members.  To think outside the box and Enjoy your time in Rotary.
District Conference 5010
Wow!  What an amazing turnout in Kodiak!  I have shared during my club visits, that when you attend a Zone, District, and International Conferences they are Game Changers for Rotarians.  The connections you make with fellow Rotarians are unmatched in any other club, sport, group I have been a part of.  I couldn’t be more proud of District Conference in Kodiak. It was more than I could have asked for and all I dream it would be.
Rotary International Conference Melbourne, Australia
Fellowships are the best way to enjoy International Conferences.  The B.R.E.W (Beers Rotarians Enjoy Worldwide), a fellowship I am a member,  had two events. The first night we met at Crafty Squire, one of the oldest pubs in Melbourne. The proprietor received 150 lashes so there was a beer named after him. The event was packed with Rotarians from all over the world, I was able to share a table with a couple from Flagstaff and Ron Denham, from Washrag. The next day at the major donor event, the Art Klump Society members were being inducted and it was the couple from Flagstaff!  The second night was on a river barge cruise, where I met a woman from Minnesota. She asked (since I am from Alaska), if I knew Paul Shillings, her cousin. Small world! What better way to see the world. Rotary makes it easy.
Highlights of my year
I have to say, Club Visits and seeing the projects that are making a difference in your communities is at the top of my list.  I was able to personally be involved in your clubs, seeing the passion and hard work you are doing.  Inducting new members, and meeting you.
Of course, showing off Kodiak during the conference is the punctuation mark to the end of a busy year.  I am very thankful to all the Rotarians that worked together to make the conference a true Alaskan adventure.
New DG Mike Pollen
May the Force be with you! May you enjoy your year as much as I did mine.  When the gift I gave you runs out, let me know.  I am here to help in any way and I look forward to continuing to work together. We have a great DG line that are passionate about Rotary supporting you, use them.
I hope my NUDGE is a small impactful positive change that will set all of you on a fun-filled journey.  That your club is a reflection of the members, there are so many options in Rotary. We can Imagine Rotary many ways:
Clubs can merge
I hope to see clubs working and supporting each other, many hands make light work. I hope to see more joint ventures with other service clubs like the Lions and Elks.
Northern Regions Projects 2022-23
The Barrow-Nuvuk Rotary “At a moment’s notice” really describes the service of the Barrow Nuvuk Club.  In addition to their regularly planned service projects, such as helping at the food bank and the local Thrift Store, they often rally the troops when something comes up. Click on image for more details.
Seaward Rotary Club Updates 2022-23
Providing Emergency Shelter with Lasagna and Tiramasu... click on image to read more about the adventures of Rotary Seward's Shelter Box Youth exchange.