Dates: February 7 to March 20, 2021

Courses completed:  Achieve 100% completion when you finish the course, download the materials and complete the evaluation.

Ways to earn points: choose your preferred option or combine the options

A. At least 10% (2 minimum) of club members complete any course at least 15 minutes in length 
B. At least 10% (2 minimum) of members complete a course of their choice at least 15 minutes from the Toastmasters series
C. At least 5% (2 minimum) of members complete this course:  Rotary Foundation Basics  (45 minutes)
D. At least 5%  (2 minimum) of members complete this course: Areas of Focus (1 hour)

The challenge:  clubs that earn the most points in this time period.  
The Prize: The presidents of the top 8 clubs in the challenge and their AG’s will win a highly-coveted, personalized Growth & Learning Center fleece vest.

Ways to Win: 
*Clubs do not need to keep score…the district receives reports detailing courses members have completed.
Clubs earn points by the number of members competing a course and the number of courses 100% completed.  For example, each member completing 1 course earns 1 point; one member completing 2 courses = 2 points and so on.
Clubs earn 5 points for each goal met: (A,B, C or D) in addition to members’ points.
Rules and Rewards based on the 4-Way Test. 
Have Fun!