District 5010 Launches New Learning Initiative for Rotarians
Acting Today & Preparing for the Future
The District 5010 Leadership Academy (DLA) has had a powerful impact in our district since 2006, preparing many Rotarians who subsequently served as outstanding club and district leaders.  Now, as we look ahead, there are new growth and learning options for all of our Rotarians and clubs to receive these same benefits. District 5010 is collaborating with Rotary International to bring new growth opportunities to all Rotarians.  This initiative will support our members, strengthen our clubs and reinforce the long-term vitality of Rotary in our district.
~ Why This Approach?
We recognize that all of us join Rotary for our own reasons and have individual goals for our own Rotary experience.  This combined with feedback from many participants in District 5010’s Leadership Academy, District 5010, has launched the new learning initiative, connecting a broad range of online courses and tools in the Rotary Learning Center with resources from District 5010 and around the world.
~ Who will Benefit?
  • Your members, both as Rotarians as professionals and personally.
  • Your club officers
  • Your club
  • Your community
  • Rotary in our district
~ Who Can Participate?
All Rotarians can take part, from the newest members to those who bring more than 30 years of Rotary experience. 
~ How is it Structured?
You can choose to take individual courses or complete a learning plan that guides you through a related group of courses, such as “Rotary Essentials,” ideal for new members.
~ Recognition
District 5010 will recognize Rotarians completing one or more learning plans during the 2020-21 Rotary year.
In addition, there will be a special “Grad” award at the district conference for those completing all 4 learning plans. These members will be eligible for the exclusive District 5010 vest available only to these multiple-learning-plan graduates.
~ Where Can I Get Help to Implement This for Our Club?
The district has a Growth & Learning team, composed of experienced Rotarians to help your club maximize the benefits. Contact us at rotary5010learning@gmail.com.
~ Is There Support for My Members?
Yes! The team is also here to support Rotarians as they are completing courses, perhaps for an answer to questions about the content, the workings of a process in District 5010 or how to get involved in a project described.  We will also check in periodically to offer support and encouragement. Let us know if you have a member who would benefit from this collaboration by emailing their name and contact details to rotary5010learning@gmail.com.
~ Is it necessary to enroll?
Enrollment is not necessary, however, those who plan to complete the learning plans and be recognized should enroll.  The resource team will know their support is welcome.  If you have a member who would welcome this collaboration, email their name, contact details, club and position (if they hold one) to: rotary5010learning@gmail.com.

Get in Touch
We want to hear from you!  Let us know:
  • How you plan to use the Growth & Learning Center in your club?
  • That your club will participate in Learning Challenge #1: The Rotary Foundation.
In addition, email us with questions, suggestions or to let us know you’d like to have a conversation. 
We look forward to seeing the Growth & Learning action in your club.