Emergency Water for Rural Areas
At our February 6 mid-year Zoom conference, concerns were raised about emergency water needs in Tululsak near Bethel due to a recent fire that destroyed their regular water treatment facility.
Further investigation determined that although the Tululsak situation is in hand, several other remote Alaska communities typically suffer sudden water system failures each year without a statewide emergency capability to respond promptly.  
Mike Pollen, our 2023-2024 District Governor, has 50 years safe water experience in Alaska and around the world.  Mike is heading a District group to determine if there is a long-term need and if our District should take the lead solving this emergency safe water problem. This would involve the District having an air-portable emergency safe water system on hand and ready to deploy statewide on a short term basis.
Briefly, it appears that there is such a need and that affordable, technically mature emergency water systems are already made in Alaska in a form that's air-deployable in a standard Cessna Caravan.  The manufacturer is prepared to provide Rotary with a suitable system at a highly advantageous price. 
Several items must be determined before a go/no-go decision is made but this may be an area where Rotary can really shine.  We'll keep you advised.