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Update August 1, 2021
Jon Dufendach and I met with a group of people at the Custom Canvas shop where they have completed the cover for the first full production size emergency water treatment plant. Present at the meeting besides Jon and I were Peggy, our son Jerry who is providing the certified testing services, Bob Tsigonis of Lifewater Engineering who builds sanitation facilities for villages and industrial installations often on projects with Jon, Capt. Chiesa of the ASDF, Bill Justice with Tanana Chiefs Conference, and Trevor (not sure of his last name) with Engineering Ministries, Inc. who is working with the Helmsley Foundation on water projects in the Nome area. He was there on a reference from Joe through Jon.
The photos show the insulated (3-layer) canvas cover with the Rotary D5010 logo, the raw water hose inlet, the roll-up door (being demonstrated by Devlin McKee, the owner of Custom Canvas), some of the treatment components and interior structural reinforcement. The craftsmanship on the cover is excellent. The corner strips can be removed and the cover folds up on the sides and back. The front is attached to some framing and requires a bit more to undo it, but the entire cover can be removed if necessary. The next test will be a flight test with the full cover on in Delta Junction with the Hughes 500 helicopter. The last photo is Jon and I with Bill Justice, with Tanana Chiefs Conference who will be the recipient of one of the first four units. Bill provided some valuable input into additional applications for this system and which regions have the greatest need. He suggested Norton Sound Regional Health Corporation as an initial recipient as opposed to Bristol Bay Regional Health Corporation as they have a more temperate climate with few freeze up issues. Bill was the senior USPHS engineer in that region for five years and said that was not a chronic problem there as it is in Bethel, Kotzebue, Nome, and the Tanana/Yukon region. We will be discussing this further in the coming week.
Jon is transporting the completed unit back to Delta Junction for the next flight test. On August 9, we will be conducting the next pilot treatment test at the Rotary Pathway Playpark at the Tanana Lakes Recreation area. We plan to demonstrate the use of onsite generated chlorine in that test using water, salt, and electricity to make sodium hypochlorite. All that would need to be flown in with the unit is bags of salt instead of chlorine solution.
District 5010 Fairbanks, Alaska