Off & Running!
I’ve been “off and running” since becoming District Governor on July 1, visiting all 38 clubs in D5010 from Barrow & Nome to Ketchikan and Kodiak. 
Lt. Governor Lisa Phillips has been posting the DG Chronicles on her Facebook page, and District PR co-chair Rosie has reposted on the District Facebook page and website.  This photo journey provides insight into club projects, members, and the unique beauty of each area.   
Truly, the highlight of serving as DG has been visiting each club and engaging with you, my Rotary peers!  Remember, bring one guest to your club this year as “Each One Brings One”.  If possible, offer a hybrid meeting option. Help stabilize your club with a focus on fellowship and projects that serve your community, and beyond.
I wish to THANK YOU for the warmth and hospitality extended to Lisa and me at every club visit the past four months.  It hasn’t been a chore or burden- it has been a blessing and gift to share this time with you!  Alaskan Rotarians truly “Serve to Change Lives”.
DG Cheryl Metiva
Shelter Box Challenge
A mega “Thank you” to Jess Gutzwiler who has organized The Shelter Box Challenge.  At the rate we’re going, it looks like I’ll be kissing her pet pig, Spank, at the District Conference in May!  We are currently at nearly $10,000 in commitments with more funds anticipated.
ShelterBox was started by a Rotary club back in 2000 and together we have sheltered 2,000,000 people worldwide.
  • Each box contains life-saving items including a family sized tent or shelter kit for shelter, water filters, mosquito nets, solar lights, blankets and more.
  • Rotary and ShelterBox are project partners in disaster relief, bringing hope and homes to families displaced by earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes, and conflict.
  • There are 113 million people currently displaced and 75% are women and children.  You can help us change that!
  • If all 39 clubs in the District donate to ShelterBox, DG Cheryl will kiss a pig while our District helps families in need worldwide.
On August 14th, a powerful category 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti.  Together, ShelterBox, Rotary and Habitat for Humanity are providing shelters to families displaced by the quakes.
For more information, visit or email Jess at
Suicide Prevention
During my club visits we discussed Suicide Prevention with many of you expressing interest to serve in this area as well.  Please contact me or Lt. Governor Lisa if you would like to help grow this initiative.  One organization I encourage you to explore is Battle Dawgs-  they provide camps throughout Alaska for our Warriors suffering from PTS & TBI. 
The contact info for Battle Dawgs:
Battle Dawgs, Rick Casillo (Founder/CEO)  
District Conference & Assembly
May 12-15, 2022
After nearly 3 years without a District Conference, it’s time to come together in fellowship with great speakers & entertainment!  We’ve rented the entire Talkeetna Lodge that sits in the majestic shadow of Denali (Mt. McKinley).  We encourage you to arrive on Thursday, May 12 as the Opening Ceremonies begin at 11:00 AM Friday, May 13.  The conference will conclude 11:00 AM Sunday, May 15.
District Assembly will be held with DGE Mike Ferris on Thursday, May 12 offering training for club officers, and setting goals for your club.   
Registration, hotel reservations and details can be found HERE.
November is Rotary Foundation Month!  
How will your club celebrate the good works of The Rotary Foundation?  Perhaps host a “Every Rotarian Every Year” drive so each member of your club is giving (even a small amount).  PDG Diane Fejes is the District Foundation Chair- invite her to speak at your club meeting about TRF.  Does your club have a Foundation Chair?  If so, have them talk about how to “gift” points to fellow members- another thoughtful way to help someone achieve their first Paul Harris award.
Who is your club President Elect? 
If you haven’t selected a president to serve next year (July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023) NOW is the time for your club to choose; and perhaps the perfect time for YOU to step into this leadership role!  President Elect Training (PETS) will be held February 17-20 (Seattle).
End Human Trafficking in Alaska
The first meeting was held for the new District sub-committee “End Human Trafficking in Alaska” on October 21 via Zoom with Chair Karlee Pogirski.  Karlee has been laying amazing groundwork for this committee and building relationships with organizations, and individuals across the state. 
If you have a passion to become involved, learn more or serve on the committee (we need YOU!) please contact Karlee directly: or cell # (907) 795-5860.