Click to read State of Alaska's monthly economic outlook publication for February 2021.  In this publication, our state economists frankly set out Alaska's currently troubled economic outlook and the need to diversify our local economies, starting now and at the grassroots level.
As business professional and community leaders, Rotarians instinctively know that a healthy society requires a healthy underlying economy.  Without the hope that a health economy provides to citizens, social ills of every sort increase, including addiction, suicide, political instability,  human trafficking, homelessness, and reduced community health.  They're called "diseases of despair" for good reason and to effectively reduce them, we need to address root causes as well as symptoms.  At the same time, a healthy community requires an economy that is tuned to local preferences and underutilized community and economic assets and an economy that is sufficiently diversified so that it's resilient in the face of downturns in key industries.
Participation does not require any funds by Rotary Clubs or individuals.  It's supported by a US Department of Agriculture grant.  We just need YOU.
We particularly want to partner more urban Rotary Clubs with rural areas to help them with the community and local economy development process.  Please help with that.
Please CLICK HERE to read a detailed description of how we will move forward, what's involved, and what would be required of individuals and Rotary Clubs.   
Building upon last Fall's seven Thursday evening forums about Alaska's current economy, we now move to the active phase of our grassroots rebuilding community and local economies effort, the data-driven ASAP process.
Email  DG Joe Kashi if you can help,, and he will forward your Email to the right people.