Assistant Governor and Committee Chair Thanks
Assistant Governors:
Bill Wright  – Northern Region
Brenda Shelden  – Matsu and Eagle River Region
Amy Mackey  -Hornack – Anchorage and Girdwood Region
Lori Draper – Kenai Peninsula and Kodiak Region
Sharon Bergman – Southeast Alaska Region
Committee Chairs:
Gayle Knepper, PDG - Council of Governors / Training Committee / Learning Center (E-Club)
Mike Pollen, DGD   - Excess Reserves Committee (Fairbanks)
Michelle O'Brien, PDG  - Public Image Committee Co-chair(First City)
Rosie Roppel, Lt. Gov.  - Public Image Committee Co-chair(First City)
Lisa Phillips - Awards Chair (Wasilla Noon)
Mike Bridges - District Risk Management Officer (Anchorage Hillside)
Harry Keiling, PDG - Risk Mgmt / Nominating Cmt / Rotary Cares for Kids, DG crisis management training  (Anchorage)
Bernard Griffard - Risk Mgmt / Peace Projects & Activities (Homer-Kachemak Bay)
Andre Layral, PDG - Training / Learning Center/District App (Fairbanks Sunrisers)
Brenda Shelden - RYLA Chair (Palmer)
Cheryl Keepers - Youth Exchange Co-Chair (College)
Jeff Johnson - Youth Exchange Co-Chair (Palmer)
Lois Craig - Peace Scholarship Committee Co-chair (eClub)
Patti Merritt - Peace Scholarship Committee Co-chair(College)
PDG Carolyn Jones – Diversity Equity Inclusion (Anchorage East); 
Lori Draper – Diversity Equity Inclusion (Seward);
Mike Jeffery  - Diversity Equity Inclusion  (Barrow Nuvuk)
Dan Dawson - Youth Protection Officer/Rotaract/Interact  (Juneau Glacier Valley)’
Thanks to our District Zone 28W, PETS, and CoL Representatives:
Michelle O’Brien, PDG, RPIC (Rotary Public Image Coordinator)  and PETS – (Ketchikan First City Rotary)
Rosie Roppel, - LT. Gov ARPIC (Assistant Rotary Public Image Coordinator) (Ketchikan First City Rotary)
Brad Gamble, PDG – PETS, ZONE and Council on Legislation (Susitna RC)