Posted by Cathy K on Feb 11, 2019
One Rotarian’s approach to leadership!
Technology is no longer a competitive differentiator. Leadership is — entrepreneurial leadership, to be precise.
Given the continual impact that technology has on our lives and the promise of advancements that lie just over the horizon, this may appear a provocative statement. But at the end of the day, technology is still simply a tool and its application must be directed to achieve a desired outcome. Leadership, however, is a unique skill and embodies the DNA of all that humankind has ever achieved.


Like all complex skills, leadership is multifaceted, nuanced and, above all, perishable if not actively engaged and consciously developed. It is also a continuum: At one end, leadership is barely distinguishable from management; at the other end, it is independent, creative, decisive and risk-tolerant. At its optimum, it provides the foundation, vision, and yes, the courage, that evolves people and organizations to a place of true differentiation, and thus, competitive advantage.