Posted by Cathy K on Nov 18, 2018
Is Your Club Interested in an Alternate to Youth Exchange? STEP Into This….
Rotary Youth Exchange has a Short Term program, in addition to the Year Long program
you’re already familiar with. The Short Term Exchange Program (STEP) presents opportunities
for students to advance their knowledge and world understanding by allowing them to
live abroad for a brief time over the summer. Participants will live with one host family in
the destination country for approximately one month in the summer, under the sponsorship
of their local Rotary Club. This is a true exchange program because the host brother / sister
from abroad will also spend a month with the participating student in his/her home in the USA
during the same summer.
Your Club can get involved with STEP as part of your New Generations Committee.
Information about STEP is on the RYE site at
For more information contact Jonathan Shambare in Fairbanks.  
Jonathan Shambare