Posted on Dec 06, 2021
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Below are updates from current ShelterBox disaster responses:
Haiti: Earthquake             2,000 Households
Distributions of tarpaulins, tools and fixings, blankets, solar lights, kitchen sets, sleeping mats, mosquito nets, water carriers, soaps, and face masks is complete. We are now turning to distribute cash grants to these families to help fill any remaining shortages for their shelter and gaps in non-shelter needs such as food, clothing, or household items.
Mozambique: Conflict    3,000 Households
After facing lengthy port congestion delays, our aid is warehoused in country with our UN Shelter cluster partner CARE. This aid will reach families displaced by conflict in the Cabo Delgado region.
Ethiopia: Conflict             3,600 Households
Violence intensified, and distributions were on hold in early November. Newly displaced families have arrived in Shire in critical need of emergency shelter and household items. We are down to our final 750 emergency shelter kits to house the new arrivals, from which 290 families have been assisted with tarpaulin, rope, a mix of other household items, hand washing basin, water jugs and soap. 
Burkina Faso: Conflict     1,800 Households
November has been marked with more insecurity leading to further displacement with around 22,000 people fleeing south to the Centre North region. Last week, we assisted 260 newly displaced families who received aid based on their needs which could include shelter and/or other household items.
Cameroon: Conflict         5,280 Households
ShelterBox has been responding to the Lake Chad Basin Crisis in the Far North region since 2015.  ShelterBox has carried out projects to aid refugees (Minawao Camp) and internally displaced people (Cameroonians displaced by the crisis). ShelterBox is the only provider of tents in Minawao Camp and these tents are crucial in transitioning families from crowded communal shelters to their own shelter. The current project (Project 10) includes the distribution of WASH items as recommended by the Cameroon Far North Region WASH Cluster for COVID 19 mitigation.
Syria: Conflict     2,450 Households
We are coordinating delivery and distribution of aid over two projects. Since the 2011 onset of violence in Syria, we have sheltered over 300,000 people in Syria and 150,000 refugees in neighboring countries.
Winter distributions nearly complete. Winterized aid including Shelter, household items and warm clothing and boots for children and adults
Winterized shelter, Household items, mattresses, children's jackets, and baby clothes arrived at the warehouse in country, being readied for distributions.
Elsewhere: We have response plans underway in Yemen and Nigeria to aid those displaced by conflict.