Posted by Cathy K on Dec 14, 2018

Rotary Membership Moment
I wish all our Rotary Family a very merry Christmas and an incredible New Year in 2019!
Please resolve to invite at least one guest a month to your club meetings,
Every Rotarian, Every Month! Invite a guest a month and induct one new member a year from your guests!
Field Trips!
Shake up your meetings, do something different. Have you guys scheduled field trips?  Great way to do something different! We have 2 Rotary Clubs, in Kodiak, and everyone looks forward to a field trip. An exciting one that we did this year was a tour of the SEAL base training facility! The Navy SEALS have their winter training base on Kodiak. It took about 6 months to set this tour up, because these guys are low profile!! They stay under the radar! I have lived on Kodiak for 15 years, I knew about the base but it was difficult to make a contact. After I did, the rest was pretty easy, they were awesome hosts, and both Rotary clubs had a great time! Of course, our host was invited to join Rotary!
We toured the fish hatchery here on Kodiak. The manager of the operation is a Noon Rotarian. Having a Rotary connection makes it easy. We have toured the research vessel, Oscar Dyson, we have been onboard the Monroe Coast Guard vessel, toured the Baronov Museum. There is always somewhere, where you live, where you probably have not been. Arrange a field trip!
One of the more interesting tours, we have done, was our local mortuary. Yeah, I know, but it was one of our better field trips. The local mortician is a second generation, in her business, and she is hilarious. She actually enjoys folks to come by for events like this. She would like to dispel the fear and discomfort that folks have toward mortuaries. She had a ton of funny storied to tell. She grew up in the business and she thought every little kid grew up making plastic ears at the dining room table. She had just driven a new hearse, by herself, up from the states. She had many hilarious stories about that as well. And, of course, she was invited to join Rotary!
Club Projects
Set a meeting aside to do a project! Make birthday bags for the Salvation Army. Do something for your local homeless center. The Wounded Warriors come to Kodiak each summer, and Noon club makes welcome bags for them.
Best Holidays to You All, and let us resolve to make District 5010 grow and continue to do great things!
Yours in Rotary
Lindsay Knight
District 5010 Membership Chair (907-539-7298)