Posted by Cathy K on Nov 18, 2018
Hello everyone. Thank you all for all you are doing to promote registration
for the Hamburg Convention. Your Districts are all doing well thanks to your efforts.
You should be receiving weekly updates from the Convention Registration site of
how you are doing and who is registered in your district.  In our part of Zone 24
we are 85% toward our goal for paid registrations and 89% if they include those
not yet paid. Let’s see if we can reach the goals set by each DG,  in the next month.
As you know the cost of registration will increase on December 15th to $495 from
the current $395. Let’s encourage Rotarians to register before that deadline for $100 US in savings.
You can also increase the goal the DG set for registrations. Darcy Long in District 5040
increased her goal from 40 to 60. Just let me know if you want to increase your goal and
inspire the Rotarians to reach even higher as we plan to Capture the Moment in Hamburg.
I hope that you are finding the information available on the RI Convention website
valuable to support your promotion efforts. Here is the link for the promotional material.
The SOCIAL MEDIA campaign launched a few weeks ago in all languages—this is live
on and prompts users to upload photos of their favorite convention minute
then share via their social platforms. A great way to “Capture the Moment”. 
Thank you again for all you are doing. Let’s reach our goal.
Penny Offer, PDG
RI Convention Hamburg Promotion Committee
Chair District 5040 Training Committee
Rotary Club of Ladner (Delta) BC
Phone: 604-940-9365 Cell: 604-720-5774