Dear Rotarian:
I am writing on behalf of RI President D.K. Lee to spread awareness about the Rotary Fellowships program and its many benefits. Rotary Fellowships improve membership retention and expansion by providing ways for Rotarians, Rotarian spouses and Rotaractors from around the world who share an interest in a specific vocational or recreational activity to interact and enhance their Rotary experience. They are a fun and easy way to become involved in a global Rotary community. Membership in a Rotary Fellowship is generally inexpensive and easy to obtain. Some fellowships are actually free to join. Not only do Rotary Fellowships allow Rotarians to pursue their interest in a particular hobby or profession, but they also create opportunities for international friendships, fun gatherings at the RI Convention, and unique service projects.

Clyde Boyer, Rotary District 5010 Governor 2008-2009