Posted by Cathy K on Nov 18, 2018
Hi Rotary Family!
I’ve just returned to Cape Town after 2 months interning with the Resident Coordinators Office at the United Nations Namibia office in Windhoek during my university winter break. It was an incredible experience!
The Resident Coordinators Office (RCO) is the top UN office in Namibia that coordinates all UN operations across the country and works closely with governments. It’s housed with the UN Development Program (UNDP) office. My work involved a lot of research and data analysis on development priorities, focus areas and development sectors across the country. I had the opportunity to do work analyzing and collecting data on which development sectors each foreign government (from literally every corner of the globe!) were investing in, and where gaps and shortfalls exist.
For me the most exciting work I contributed to was to make a recommendation to the RCO on where and in what development sectors UN Namibia should focus their area-based programming expansion plans in the next 5 years. By identifying the most impoverished areas of the country and the most pressing social challenges in those regions, I was able to generate a proposal for the RCO office who will be presenting their expansion plans to the UNDP office in New York. The Northern part of Namibia is the most disadvantaged area, with youth unemployment (sitting at a shocking 65%), teenage pregnancy and access to early childhood development programs as the top 3 most pressing social challenges in the region (and largely across the country). I’m really looking forward to hearing how the UN operations in Namibia will expand and potentially integrate my suggestions into their expansion. I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to intern with the UN in Namibia! It was an incredible learning experience!
While in Windhoek I also had the opportunity to present at 2 of 3 Rotary clubs and connect strongly with the Windhoek Rotaract Club. I was even lucky enough to be able to volunteer with the Windhoek Rotaract Club doing some tree planting at a local orphanage. I have a couple pictures attached! Was great fun!
I have jumped right back into classes now for my second semester at UCT. I’m thrilled to be back on campus every day and am excited about my courses this term! I hope everyone has had a lovely summer back home! It’s starting to warm up in Cape Town and I’m really looking forward to spring here! 
Otherwise, let’s catch up again soon! 
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