Over the past few weeks we have been involved in a high number of communications, precipitated when our Zone Website was no longer accessible using our domain name of www.rotaryzone22.org
After several failed attempts to correct the problem, we have decided that it would be better for us to move on and begin creating the new website that will be shared with Zone 32, our paired Zone.
While Zone 32 will continue to use their website (www.rotaryzones31-32.org) that they currently share with Zone 31, they have agreed to cojointly using our Zone ClubRunner website effective July 1, 2009. In preparation for that we are moving now to a new domain name, and now ask you to consider noting the website name change, as well as notifying all clubs in your districts, or any other Rotary entity (Rotarian Action Group for example) that may have a link to our current Zone 22(24) Website.

Please be advised that effective immediately the web address for zones 24 and 32 is:
This address will open the dedicated website for Zones 24 - 32. This site will be a work in progress, and it is intended to serve as the eventual principal communication and information portal for both zones. You are encouraged to use this URL in all publications and references whether electronic or print. We will keep you informed about the integration of databases from both zones.