What Does Your Club Look Like?
I think one of the things I like about Rotary, on a weekly and club level, are the programs. Other service clubs I am familiar with, just meet to meet. No one really wants to just go to a meeting, and that would be a hard sell if we are trying to invite someone to our meetings and for them to join Rotary. I am rather inquisitive, and I like to know what is going on where I live, as well as everywhere else in the world. Our weekly programs satisfy that. Use programs to attract visitors and prospective Rotarians. I always post the upcoming program/speaker, on, “Friends of Kodiak”! It is a closed group with 8100 members, which is actually more than live in Kodiak proper. We will have guests that come in, just to hear the speaker. I have told this story before, but I invited Bill Kazmaier, the 3 times Strongest Man in the World, to come present at our Rotary Club. I personally had 12 guests. They did not come because they wanted to come to a Rotary meeting, they wanted to meet Bill Kazmaier! However, they did have an awesome Rotary experience!
Program Chairs
It is tough to come up with bright new speakers and programs each and every week of the year. I take my hat off to Program Chairs! Do try to advertise the program/speaker in some way. I use Facebook, that happens to work well in Kodiak. There are many social media outlets that cost nothing. Any kind of advertising helps draw non-Rotarians to your meetings. When the speaker arrives, take care to them and make them feel welcome. I have them sign a sign-in book, and after, I send them a Thank You card, and I include an invitation to join us, to become a Rotarian. I have inducted several of our speakers in the last year. Ask wait staff, hotel staff, people in the elevator, ask everyone! Bill Gates has been an incredible benefactor to Rotary and Polio Plus. He was asked why he never actually became a Rotarian. Because no one every asked him!! In 15 years, I can only think of one Rotarian who just wandered into our meeting on her own and joined. Denise Ringhand did just that. She has moved from Kodiak, she is still a Rotarian, and she helps with District Grants. Rotarians, people need to be invited! Get your ‘ASK’ on!
Every Rotarian, Every Month!
It is going to take District 5010 to grow 5010! Challenge yourself to invite at least one guest a month and to induct at least one of those per year. It is easy to become complacent and just go to lunch or breakfast with your friends each week. We all love it. Well share it, invite someone!! Don’t hog all this just for yourself, share it with your friends!
Go Out and Do Good in the World!
Yours in Rotary
Lindsay Knight
District 5010 Membership Chair (90-539-7298) Lindsay@powerhousegym.com