Posted by Cathy K on Feb 11, 2019
Each of us, in 5010 invite at least one guest to a Rotary meeting at least once a month, and induct at least one of those a year!  It will take 5010 to grow 5010!
March Rotary Membership Moment
Invite, Induct and Engage new Rotarians!
A disproportionate percentage of Rotary drops are from this group. We need to invite then engage them.  What do they do, what is their skill, hobbies, sports, interests, talents?  We need to know this about our new Rotarians so that we can help engage them and keep them happy and feeling a part of our clubs, our Rotary family.  Rotarians need to feel like they are making a difference!  They want to be busy!
Make Club Meetings Interesting
A key to attracting new people to our meetings is to have really dynamic speakers over a wide range of topics.  When you do schedule, use social media to let the public know who is speaking this week!  Guests will come to meetings, not to come to a Rotary meeting, but to hear your guest speaker.  They will still have a great Rotary experience!  Send your guest speakers a Thank You Card, and an invitation to join.  When you do invite a guest, do not invite them to a meeting, invite them to lunch or breakfast.
Club Meeting Flexibility
One of the best new policies, that help me with membership, is loosening the attendance requirements.  Rotarians should come to the meetings because they want to, not because they have to.  
Schedule events, such as field trips, service projects, social events, firesides. These should count as meetings, or in place of meetings.  We have to remember, we are a volunteer service organization,
members are here on their time, plus they pay for it.  If we make the rules too ridged, this makes meetings so they are not fun, people will not stay.  The 5th, on the 4-Way Test, should be, “Is it FUN!!”
Yours in Rotary
Lindsay Knight
District 5010 Membership Chair (907-539-7298)