Posted by Cathy K on Dec 14, 2018
Last August the District’s youth exchange committee put on a fantastic training for our new inbound students, and our returning Rebound students.
I was able to take some amazing pictures and wanted to ensure that the district newsletter had some pics of our wonderful time, and to truly thank our committee leaders for their outstanding job!  

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Pose of whole group


Fun pose of whole group


The last ones left in anchorage on Sunday night:

From Left to right: Connor W. from Ketchikan (Rebound from South Africa), Max from Mexico going to Ketchikan, Tamara from Brazil? Going to Sitka, Clarisa from South Africa in Petersburg,

Bertille from France going to Ketchikan.


 “Gun Show” we were paired up in groups to complete a picture scavenger hunt. The three kids are all Inbounds, I’m not sure of all of their names however, I’m sorry.


Clarisa our Inbound from South Africa, and

Connor our Rebound who went to South Africa 2017-2018, just returned in July.