Hello all, I am Paul Paslay, your District Grant Subcommittee Chair (DGSC) for our District 5010.  April 20, 2023, is the deadline for a club to file for a district grant.  This is an opportunity to use part of the monies we donate to our Paul Harris and other accounts.  These monies are returned to our district several years after they are donated.
I encourage everyone to visit www.matchinggrants.org, navigate to the district grants description pages and check out the district grants that have been granted over the last number of years. This will give you an idea of what kind of one-year, “shovel-ready “ projects have been implemented.
These projects can be visible reminders to our communities of what Rotary does.  They improve our communities and promote fellowship among our members as we complete them.  I hope your club will consider applying.  Please be in contact if you have any questions, at paul@paulpaslay.com.