Your Foundation committee has worked with the Clubs to be active this year in District Grants, Global Grants, training, and recognition.  Most District Club projects are wrapped up or wrapping up – see Grant Chair Paul’s information on applying for this year’s match.  Your President – Elects will receive training in Grants and The Foundation at their President-Elect training coming up in Seattle in February.

I know that more Club Fundraisers are upcoming so feel free to contribute to keep our wonderful projects going.
On the Polio front, cases were at 30 for 2022, BUT were very localized and our Polio teams and partners jumped on the areas to convince and complete vaccinations to localize and stamp out the outbreak.  It is amazing what our Polio Dollars have done – The end IS in sight.
On the Global Grant side – several clubs have signed up to participate with our Tacoma North Rotary Club members to do a wonderful project in Uganda that is scaling up to include an Agriculture program that trains farmers, educates people to run small businesses to sell their products, helps provide water sources for the crops and in general, is raising entire villages out of poverty and starvation. THANK YOU! 
There are also several other smaller projects in South America and Africa that are matching your dollars to provide economic gains and healthy lifestyles for the local people.  Congratulation on wisely contributing AND spending the Foundation dollars.
PDG Diane Fejes,
D5010 Foundation Chair