Posted by Cathy K on Mar 14, 2019
What Does Your Club Look Like?
Most of us are used to the traditional Club set up, meeting, routine times and places, same, same, same. 2019-20 Rotary International President Mark Daniel Maloney is really urging leaders to grow Rotary and increase Rotary Membership. Membership is one of his main objectives. To do this we are going to have to get more innovative with the way we do clubs and meetings. The 2016 Council on Legislation, voted to give Rotary Clubs more freedom to decide when, where, and how they meet and the types of memberships they offer. A way to diversify age, professions and experience  and engage more members.
Rotary Club of Singapore East replaced 2 of its monthly meetings with less formal gatherings focused on service projects and fellowship. These new meetings give Rotaractors and family members the chance to get involved while keeping the cost down for the club’s younger members.
The Rotary Club of Capital Hill, DC, doubled its membership in six month by adopting a couple of changes. One involved adding two categories, one for young leaders, 35 and under, at half the regular dues. The other, for spouses and partners, at one-third the regular dues. They went from 18 to 36 members.
Corporate memberships give busy executives the chance to get involved without having to commit to weekly meetings. The Rotary Club of Melbourne, has 17 corporate members from six businesses, who take turns attending the club meetings. In Kodiak, we are looking at our local fire station and our police department. It will give the clubs access to their networks and influences as well. A great way to diversify your membership!
Spread the word on this guys, tell every Rotarian to invite at least one guest a month! We can really grow if everyone gets on board with this!
Yours in Rotary
Lindsay Knight
District 5010 Membership Chair ( 907-539-7298)