Hello!  With great leadership from DG Harry and his line of Presidents, this year is flying by quickly.
Welcome to all the Presidents-Elect who are in the process of planning their 2018-19 years' goals.  I encourage all members to support them as they move into leadership and say YES to open positions.
Some Dates to keep in mind:
Now All Clubs should now have Presidents-Elect appointed and voted on by your Club membership (send newly elected names and emails to me please (ndfejes@gmail.com)
Now All Club Presidents-Elect should now be registered for PrePETS and PETS Feb 22-25 in Seattle (or have talked to me.)
February 3rd is the District Leadership Seminar - all are welcome.  We'll update our District short and long-term goals and hear from District Chairs on their progress to date.
May 17th, 2018 District Assembly is for training of Club Officers, Seward, Ak