Kayhi Rotary Interact
Sponsored by The Rotary Club of Ketchikan First City had “The Record Year”
This incredible group of  a record of 71 high school students are self-directed and  have demonstrated exemplary service in local and international projects. Pictured are 2020 graduating seniors with earned sashes.
They have mentors for all offices, have drawn up pledge certificates for students to sign and have a lot of hands on activities.   The highlight of their year has been:
  • A recorded amount of graduation sashes earned for seniors of a total of 22.
  • A record amount of club members this year with a total of 71 out of 450 students.
  • A record amount in active members in our club with the percentage of 92%
  • A record amount of money earned in total for the African: Tafcom Organization of $3,785. 
This incredible year is reported by their president Emma Campbell, a senior!  They set a standard that all Rotary Clubs could follow.
  • The 4th of July annual Duck Race
    • The Rotary Interact officers helped out with the duck race fundraiser, put on by the mother club First City Rotary
    • President Emma Campbell helped with the selling of the duck tickets in her duck butt.
    • Officers: Emma Campbell (President),  Franklyn Correa (Vice President), John Luke Calderon (Treasure), and Nikita Burnett (Secretary) all were Quaker slackers (students who swim in the creek with the rubber duckies)
  • Blueberry Arts Festival
    • They sold new items from Tafcom such as: yoga mat bags, oven mitts, napkins, dish towels, table runners, and many new types of bags.
    • They raised $1,041 for Tafcom.
  • Peace Grams
    • 2nd annual Peace Grams (a bag of candy attached with a note from the buyer to a person of their choosing). We sell the peace grams during international Peace week in September
    • 1st year they raised $200 for Hurricane Harvey relief via American Red Cross
    • This year they raised $300, a record amount to Tafcom
  • Haunted Festival
    • Normally they assist the Coast Guard in their Haunted Mansion but they were not able to host one this year.
    • They helped out local Kundson Cove Marina in their 1st annual Haunted Festival and Haunted Forest.
    • Rotary Interact volunteers helped with the setup of the whole marina, the pumpkin patch, the haunted forest design, and carnival games such as face painting, fish pond, ring toss onto pumpkins, ski ball, and concessions.
    • Rotary Interact volunteers on average each completed 15 hours of service each for this event.
  • Pioneer Home Pie Auction
    • They raised money annually for the Activities department at the Ketchikan Pioneer Home.
    • This year they had a recorded amount of pies brought in and sold at 48 pies
    • They raised a record amount of money for the pioneer home of $4,871. They were very grateful this year especially with the budget cuts they have had.
  • Winter Arts Faire
    • They sell items from Tafcom during the winter arts Faire
    • They should new items like the ones from the blueberry arts festival.
    • They raised a record amount at the Winter Arts Faire with a total of $1,044 normally we only get about $500
  • Daddy Daughter Dance
    • They had the Barnyard Bash theme this year. We borrowed decorations from First City Players from their play charlotte's web.
    • They had a record amount of daddy’s and Daughters show up to the dance with a total of 126 people.
    • They also had a record amount earned for Tafcom with a total of $1,400
  • Color Run
    • Is coming up on May 13th
    • We are expecting lots of people to show up for the suicide awareness run.
    • Last year they partnered up with WISH  and raised $1,345 for suicide awareness projects and organizations.
    • This year they have partners up with the Ketchikan Wellness Coalition were they are also helping us offer to the club a Mental Health First Aid training for teens, which is an 8 hour course and give club members an certificate for up to 3 years.
  • Awards Banquet
    • This is they end of the year banquet where we show our members and big thank you for all of their hard work.
    • They have a recorded amount of sashes earned for seniors of a total of 22.
    • They also have had a record amount of club members this year with a total of 71.
    • They have a record amount in Active members in our club with the percentage of 92%
    • They have a record amount of money earned in total for the African: Tafcom Organization of $3,785. 
Clubs service projects throughout the community include:
  • Electronic recycling
  • Pioneer Home Family night Dinners
  • Pioneer Home Bingo Nights
  • Pioneer Home Ice Cream socials
  • Swim meet timing
  • Christmas Tree lighting
  • The Enchanted Forest Fundraiser
  • A local business Christmas Party
  • Debate timing
  • Animal shelter