District 5010 News
This wonderful eye surgery camp was conducted by the BP Koirala Center for Ophthalmic Studies/Kathmandu. 107 Cataract surgery done at Sindupalchowk, Barabise free eye surgery camp held on Jan 6 to 11, 2019.
The Learning Center now offers courses in more languages than ever before. You can enroll in courses conducted in Rotary’s eight primary languages, as well as several others, including Dutch, Swedish, Thai, and traditional Chinese.
To find content in your preferred language:
  1. Go to Rotary.org/learn and sign in
  2. On the Course Catalogs page, scroll down and click Rotary Courses - Languages.
  3. On the Rotary Courses - Languages page, click and check the box of your preferred language. Courses available in that language will be displayed.
Note: You can also download the New Rotary Learning Center Course Catalog, which includes course descriptions and the languages the courses are offered in.
Our District and the Anchorage International Rotary Club is sponsoring a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Vocational Training Team to Australia led by Rotarian Michael Jeffery. Our Rotary Foundation contributions are helping to eliminate disease and poverty in real time.       
We are pleased to announce that our Rotary District will make ten $350.00 stipends available to D5010 Rotarians who are registered as first time attendees at the District Assembly and Conference in Anchorage on May 2-5, 2019. Preference will be given to Young Leaders who apply.  
Technology is no longer a competitive differentiator. Leadership is — entrepreneurial leadership, to be precise.
Each of us, in 5010 invite at least one guest to a Rotary meeting at least once a month, and induct at least one of those a year!  It will take 5010 to grow 5010!
Susitna Rotary Club is helping a Mission Team to Mexico from May 29th to June 2nd with the Methodist Church. We form teams according to our experience and the need in Mexico. We could have a construction and/or medical team. We will teach swimming lessons and we hope to work at the orphanage.  We will present books of Josh The Baby Otter swimming safety. If you would like more information about joining our team please message me at clairehorton27@gmail.com.
Tonight’s work party assembling WAPI (water purification indicators). We will be sending these to communities with contaminated water, to help identify when their water is sufficiently boiled and safe to drink.
These WAPI have passed the boiling water test and ready to package. Yaro Westhoff our exchange student from the Netherlands hard at work.
Rotary Exchange Student Arnaud from Belgium jumping at this year's Mat-Su Polar Plunge.
Ted Trueblood
District 5010 would like to sincerely say thank you to our sponsors for having such a caring and giving heart because without their support for our 2019 District Conference, it would not be possible.
With your donations, we are able to provide not only a full weekend of exciting events for members and their families, but it will also provide inspiration through our speakers, educational growth and training for dedicated Rotarians, the sharing of local club and international projects, fellowships with new and old friends. We will hear inspiring stories from Rotary Youth Exchange students.  We will share ideas, celebrate our accomplishments, and find out what has been happening in the district and the world. 
“Together, we are the inspiration!”