Rosie Roppel, Lt. Governor (First City)
Harry Kieling, PDG,  Chair, Nominating Committee, Rotary Cares for Kids, Crisis Management Training (Anchorage)
Diane Fejes, PDG, Chair, Finance Committee, Foundation, Training, (Anchorage)
Andre’ Layral, PDG, training revamp (Fairbanks Sunrisers)
Cheryl Metiva – DG-Elect (Susitna)
Mike Ferris, DG-Nominee, membership (Anchorage South)
Mike Pollen, DGD - Mobile Village Water System Project (Fairbanks)
Gayle Knepper, PDG, Chair, Council of Governors (eClub)
Ted Trueblood, PDG – Foundation (Anchorage Inter.)
Michelle O'Brien, PDG - Zone & Public Image Committee (First City)
Brad Gamble, PDG – Zone, PETS, Grants (Susitna)
Janine Becka - District Administration ( Anchorage South)
Dan Dawson - Youth  Protection (Juneau Glacier Valley)
Jo Kuchle - District Trainer/Legal Counsel (Fairbanks)
Kim Colbo - Legal Counsel (Anchorage Russian Jack)
Brenda Hewitt – Rural economic development and safe water (Susitna)
Patti Merritt  - Learning Center (College)
Kim Erickson - Learning Center (Susitna)
Alana Bergh, PDG - Learning Center (North Pole)
Richard McClear - Kenya Water/Peace Project (Sitka)
Gretchen Klein - Public Image (Anchorage East)
Dean McVey – Selfless Service regarding Finance (Anch. South)
Woody Angst – Selfless Service to District-wide Projects (Anch. East)
Ron Inouye – Selfless Service to District-wide Projects (College)
“Rotary  Citation” Club Awards
Homer-Kachemak Bay  Rotary Club – President, Lori Evans
Juneau Glacier Valley Rotary Club – President, Kenny  Solomon-Gross
Kenai Rotary Club – President, Scott Seitz